Success Stories

Global Insurance Firm: Relocation Success

A global insurance firm needed to consolidate two offices in the Midwest into one at their Mid-Atlantic location. Most of its employees decided to stay in the Midwest due to family concerns. The company found itself, unexpectedly, needing to staff the majority of its East Coast office with qualified talent quickly. Select Group came in and was the only firm to ensure qualified targeted expertise with speed. The hiring managers were pleased with the results.

Conservative Consumer Bank: Succeeds on Time

You don’t expect that a conservative consumer bank would need to create an entire risk management department out of the blue. Yet, that is exactly what happened when one such bank with a pristine balance sheet needed to comply with new banking regulations. They were under a tight schedule to literally build an entire risk management division from scratch. They turned to Select Group to get their staffing needs met. From quantitative analysts, to executive risk managers, Select Group secured them top talent on time. The board recently complimented the Head of Human Resources for a job well done.

Deep Six the Big Four

It’s important to bring in big consultative talent to kick off a demanding initiative, but those rates can be costly after the project has “settled in.” Recently, a global investment bank turned to Select Group for support. Results included supplementing their Big Four team with seasoned Business Analysts and Project Managers at two-thirds of the previous billing rate. They gained talent with much deeper business knowledge, more senior comportment and greater flexibility on their start and end dates.

What Do Our Clients Say?

“Finally, a company that delivers on their promise to provide quality candidates in a clear, expedited manner with everyone’s expectations being met or exceeded.”

— Financial Services Manager

“Kathleen is the consummate Banking & Financial Services staffing specialist, and perfect for ‘uber-consultants.’ As a colleague succinctly stated, “Kathleen ‘gets’ this business.” She recruited me to work on a high-profile banking initiative. When I chose to remain with my then-client, Kathleen was exceptionally professional. She and I have continued to liaise especially in referring colleagues for placement. In addition to having complete integrity, Kathleen is especially skilled in understanding the needs of highly sophisticated professionals. Kathleen has my highest recommendation.”

— Senior Consultant, Goldman Sachs

(was with another company when working with Kathleen at Select Group)

“I have known Kathleen for many years and have enjoyed working with her over both of our careers. Kathleen is a pleasure to work with and can find the best candidates for any technology position.”

— Managing Director for Aexeo IT, Citco Fund Services (USA) Inc.

(was with another company when working with Kathleen at Select Group)

“Working with Kathleen was such a pleasure. My representative provided accurate descriptions of the position’s responsibilities and compensation. I appreciated the constant communication and personal encouragement throughout the entire process.”

— Financial Services Professional

“Kathleen is a results-oriented recruiter who can match clients’ needs with the right talent. What I find really unique about Kathleen is in such a difficult market where most recruiters rely on quantity rather than quality; she takes the time to understand the client’s requirements and considers the candidate’s skills and background, effectively targeting the search. Having been both a client and a candidate, I can heartily recommend Kathleen.”

— Consultant, American Express

(was with another company when working with Kathleen at Select Group)

“I am honored to recommend Kathleen to anybody who is or will be looking for a job. Kathleen helped me to land my current position. She is an excellent recruiter, a true professional, and a very nice person. I was lucky to work with her, and I am sure I will use Kathleen’s expertise and passion again if I need it.”

— Quantitative Analyst, Graham Capital Management