Human Resources & Hiring Managers

More Than Matching Skill Sets and Experience!

We know it’s more than matching keywords and “number of years” – basics alone rarely lead to a candidate shortlisted as a “contender”. Select Group starts by fully understanding your unique hiring needs, including your corporate culture, team makeup, communication, and interpersonal skills. Find Talent to decide the best staff acquisition approach for you. Employer Resources include some of the techniques and tools are other clients are using in their organizations.

Human Resources

HR, we love working with you! We ask meaningful, clarifying questions to accurately recognize what the manager you are supporting desires in skill, experience and personality. For example, is your organization growth-oriented? Is the vibe fast-paced, driven by deadlines with lots of changes and a competitive spirit? Is your company a steadily growing firm with a good work/family life balance? Or, is your hierarchy flat, but propelled by highly talented individuals? Business objectives are set, but how and when you accomplish them doesn’t have to be managed down. In other words, everyone is self-driven and one manages up.

We handle the complete onboarding cycle, candidate introduction to offer acceptance. All along the way we are making certain you, our client, is our candidate’s first choice. If there are competing offers you will know well in advance.

Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers, did you just get the go-ahead to implement your strategic initiative but don’t know where to find the resources to staff up? Has yet another new regulation forced you to revamp your existing processes?

You need to increase staff but are too busy to find, screen, and hire candidates. Deadlines are looming, and your existing team already has more work than it can handle. Select Group can provide the people you need. Whether you’re looking for several consulting professionals or a single hard-to-find full-time person; Select Group has you covered.

Have no time to write a job description? A quick call with us and we can capture the essence of what you need. We’ll write it up and send it to you for any necessary revisions. Knowledge of your company’s culture, makeup, and needs is necessary to attract the right candidate to your opportunity.

Select Group competes on your behalf. If we don’t know the right person already, we can tap into our personal networks or hidden candidate markets to gain valuable referrals that direct employers don’t have time to seek out on their own. Select Group is committed to making the best of your time.

Types of People We Place

We place business and technology professionals at all levels in the professionals at all levels, from executives to analysts in the following specialized areas:

Capital Markets

  • Technical Business Analysis and Project Managers
  • Agile Coaches, Scrum Master etc. professionals
  • Information Security SME’s
  • Cloud SME’s, AWS, Azure
  • Risk Management – Credit, Market and Operational
  • Quantitative Analysis Research/Financial Engineering
  • Model Validation
  • Statistics/Econometrics
  • Infrastructure PM’s and Engineers
  • Regulatory and Compliance

Consumer Banking

  • Credit Card Risk and Marketing Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance and Oversight
  • Enterprise and Operational Risk Management
  • Technology – platform integration, enterprise data, network infrastructure


  • Variable Annuities Quantitative Analysts
  • Operations Developers and Analysts
  • Operations Managers
  • Digital Marketing, ECM
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Mainframe!

Digital Marketing / Web Analytics

  • Decision Sciences/Marketing Research
  • Internet and Online Commerce
  • Database Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Project Management