Using Social Media for Hiring

Millennials and younger demographics tend to be more interested in experiences than concrete objects of value. This same line of thought is applied to jobs, if the experience working there is poor, then it doesn’t matter what salary you’re offering. New hires are very concerned with how they’re treated by management. Thankfully, social media provides us with tools to be able to give businesses a more personal touch. Your business’s presence on social media will be a strong pulling factor for applicants. It might seem like a large effort, but it will allow you to retain more employees as they will feel welcome with your company. Something as simple as changing pictures of your company to have people wearing masks shows a significant increase in applicants.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Hiring

Let’s face it, with COVID-19, everyone’s business has been affected, and trying to find the right answers can be difficult when there’s so much information out there. Think about how your professional social media (LinkedIn) has a huge reach to your current employees. You can help guide people to resources that might help them through this time. Your LinkedIn profile can be a vital tool in using your position as a business leader. That’s not to say you should become a news source for COVID updates. Proactively talk to people you interact with online. Empathy goes a long way nowadays. People always appreciate when a colleague or acquaintance shows interest in their lives.

Obviously there are more substantial steps to take in order to increase your applicants. Masks, however, show that your company is current with the times and cares about the safety of its workers. These images are what you should strive to be associated with your company. Images tend to do more for reputation than words; people believe what they can see more than they hear. Posting photos of special events that your company does (cookouts, intramural sports, birthday parties) Social media is going to drive businesses for the foreseeable future, so it’s critical to have a strong grasp of your presence online. A company’s social media presence is the first line in public relations for your company. At Select Group, we can begin advising how best to present your company.