New hires and potential applicants often have anxieties regarding a new position. They can feel completely forgotten by a larger company that has an appearance of not caring for its new employees. It’s important to remember that new hires want to have effective communication with their supervisors. In a time where connections are important, make sure to reach out to your newest employees, including temporary ones. 

Reach out to your employees

It’s been shown that reaching out to new employees has reciprocal effects. It shows to your new employees that you are interested in maintaining communication and encourages them to reach out to you. Communication between employees and their managers is crucial to maintaining strong business practices, especially in COVID-19. These relationship improvements will bleed over to other areas of business practices. Leading by example is the easiest way for you to get your employees to start developing communication skills at their job. Even if an employee is well versed at conversational skills, it takes time for them to feel integrated into their new role at your company. By establishing them earlier in an employment, employees will have much stronger communication skills when it comes to actual projects and cooperation with other departments. 

Trusting your employees

While you need to reach out to your employees to help them feel welcome, it’s important to give space to them. The best thing to do for your employees is to let them know you’re always willing to talk, but you shouldn’t need to constantly be monitoring them. Occasionally checking up on your employees is good and lets them know you care. However, people will feel more willing to do work, and do it well if they are trusted to be responsible. Employees don’t need to be watched closely during COVID. They will continue to work, any pressure you put on them may find itself coming back towards you. People right now are distressed, they appreciate when a perceived area of distress (work) becomes more lenient.

One of the biggest problems in COVID is the appearance of closure. Many people, even if they haven’t been informed explicitly, will assume your business is closed. This makes finding new hires even more difficult if they assume your business has shutdown in the event of a pandemic. It’s times like these where you need to ensure that your company is doing everything to showcase its dedication to placing positions. With Select Group, our staffers are ready to provide consultations to show that your company is one that cares.